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The Hundred Years' War

posted Feb 15, 2018, 2:43 PM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Feb 15, 2018, 2:43 PM ]
When the Real Illuminati found themselves kicked out of the English Court at the end of 1431, it seemed to many in the secretive group that the plan they had set into motion in 1337 -- when they tricked France and England into fighting a war -- had utterly and completely failed. Not only did they have to leave England in disgrace for the umpteenth time, they had to do so knowing that Henry VI, the very man who sent them into exile, was now King of both England and France, and was on his way to uniting the two countries without them. Their entire multi-generation plan seemed pointless. That was until the Real Illuminati finally realized the obvious, namely, that what we know today as the Hundred Years' War had in fact been raging for nearly a hundred years.

The group quickly concluded that the only chance they had at gaining influence in the English and the French Courts was to prevent Henry VI from unifying England and France. To do so, they needed to make sure that the war would go on indefinitely. It was then that the Real Illuminati coined the phrase, `Hundred Years' War,' and had their agents spread it among commoners and nobles alike, in an effort to make them believe that with a few more years still missing to reach a full century, the war was bound to go on.

Alongside the psychological warfare, they invested considerable funds into the war effort, on both sides. They secretly supplied funds for army provisions to both England and France to keep the fighting going. But of all the tricks they pulled, perhaps the most notorious one was in 1435, when they made use of their long time allies, the Burgundians, to engineer a major shift in the tide of the war.

The Real Illuminati paid off the Duke of Burgundy to have him switch sides from England to France and surrender the city of Paris to French rule. The English suffered a major humiliation due to this betrayal, and had no intention of stopping the war, exactly as the Real Illuminati had hoped. The fighting went on, eventually surpassing the hundred year mark, and looked like it would go on with no end in sight. The Real Illuminati were pleased, even considered renaming the Hundred Years' War to the Thousand Years' War and keep it going until they could wipe all hope of resistance from the lands of Europe.

However, the Real Illuminati had made a grave miscalculation. The war effort proved far more expensive than they had anticipated, and by 1453 their treasury ran completely dry. With no one funding the cost of army supplies and no one paying off French or English noblemen to advise their respective monarchs to keep the war going, neither side of the conflict was keen to continue fighting after a century of bloodshed. The Hundred Years' War came to an end and the Real Illuminati, having barely any funds left to buy candles for their midnight gatherings, let alone bribe anyone in either the English or the French Court for any purpose, had gained absolutely nothing from the century of violence. It was truly the darkest time in the history of the group, with the threat of dissolving and fading to obscurity looming over their heads like the Sword of Damocles. Yet even poor as a pauper the Real Illuminati would go on to prove that one should never count out the followers of Alexander the Great.