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Henry V

posted Dec 12, 2017, 3:47 PM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Dec 12, 2017, 3:47 PM ]
The Hundred Years' War is considered one of the most vicious long-term conflicts throughout human history. As its name implies, the war raged for over a century, only pausing for a couple of years on occasion, and claimed the lives of countless people. It is widely believed that dispute over England's control of several territories in France and their claim on the French throne were the chief causes of the lengthy conflict. While those were indeed major contributing factors, the real casus belli was the decision made by the Real Illuminati to instigate a war.

The secretive group, still very much eager to reestablish their influence on the British Isles, took notice of the growing tension between the Kingdoms of England and France and realized that by offering their support to England and aiding them in their efforts to conquer the French they could gain the favor of the English Court. First, however, they needed to start the war. To this end, they infiltrated the French Court and manipulated King Philip VI to interfere in the ongoing war between Scotland and King Edward III of England. As the Real Illuminati had expected, Edward responded by asserting his claim on the French throne.

The fighting began in 1337. Initially, the war went quite well for the English side, too well in fact. In order for the plan of the Real Illuminati to come to fruition, they needed the war to last a long time so at the end they could be seen as the heroes who brought about the end of a lengthy and brutal conflict. Therefore, the Real Illuminati limited their support to England in order to slow down the war, and settled for a long term strategy until they could orchestrate the perfect moment at which to win the war for the English. That time came in 1415, over seventy years after the start of the war, during the reign of Henry V as King of England.

Henry, as later documented by William Shakespeare, was a brilliant, cunning leader, and he knew an opportunity when he saw one. He understood what power the Real Illuminati possessed, and accepted the alliance they offered him. Henry made them his secret advisors and the Real Illuminati supplied him with invaluable inside information on troop movements and army compositions from the French side. It was for this reason that Henry knew exactly how to defeat the French army.

At the Battle of Agincourt, when most of his advisors told him to bring lots of cavalry and spearmen to the fight, he opted to listen to the Real Illuminati and led an army eighty percent of which was made up of longbowmen. As history records it, the archers absolutely massacred the French army. The victory shifted the war decisively in favor of the Kingdom of England, and when the Real Illuminati arranged for Henry V to marry a French princess, they all but ensured that his son would become the heir to both the Kingdoms of England and France.

Thus the Real Illuminati gained the utmost favor of the English Court. With their influence firmly rising in both England and France, all seemed set for the group to finally accomplish the goal set out for them by Alexander the Great many centuries earlier, that of world domination. Yet the wheels of history kept on turning, and the Real Illuminati had to learn, that even with a brilliant tactician like Henry V on their side, conquest would not come as easy as they had hoped.