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Genghis Khan

posted Oct 16, 2017, 3:31 PM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Oct 16, 2017, 3:34 PM ]
Since Alexander the Great founded the Real Illuminati in ancient times, the secretive group plotted and schemed its way towards their goal of world domination from within the shadows. While subtlety defined the group as a whole, a handful of its members opted for a more direct approach to conquest. One of these was the great Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan.

Following the humiliating failure of the Real Illuminati to manipulate William the Conqueror to give them control of Britain, Genghis Khan decided that it was time for a more hands-on approach. He was essentially the first person in history to become the embodiment of the idea that if you want something done right you should do it yourself: instead of manipulating others to fight their wars for him, Genghis Khan led his army personally and lay waste to everything in his path. He took over massive territories in Asia and made steady advances towards Europe, with the ultimate goal being to stretch the Mongolian Empire from the Asian shores of the Pacific Ocean to the European shores of the Atlantic.

The Inner Council of the Real Illuminati strongly disagreed with his course of action, for albeit the Mongolian conqueror exercised restraint and loyalty in keeping his allegiance to the secretive group to himself throughout his conquests, they feared that he would attract too much attention with the destruction in his wake. Nevertheless the Inner Council was powerless to stop the Khan, and so it seemed nothing would prevent him from sailing his hordes into England and showing the Inner Council that what worked for Alexander the Great could still get the job done over a thousand years later.

When Genghis Khan died shortly before he could lead his unstoppable army into Europe, the Inner Council of the Real Illuminati let out a collective sigh of relief, thinking, that the danger had passed. That was until the son and heir of Genghis Khan, Ögedei Khan, decided to honor his father's dying wish and take over Europe. The Real Illuminati could only watch their nightmare unfold, as the young new Khan sent his hordes under the command of his best strategists into Europe and had them lay waste to the eastern kingdoms without opposition.

Unfortunately for Ögedei Khan, but perhaps fortunately for the Real Illuminati as a whole, the Mongolian advance was decisively halted in Eastern Europe where the clever Hungarian King Béla IV managed to build several castles before the bulk of the Mongolian army arrived that prevented the horde from continuing its locust-swarm-like march towards the British Isles. Before the Mongolians had a chance to figure out how to lay siege to castles, Ögedei Khan suddenly and inexplicably died in Mongolia, which resulted in his generals rushing back home in order to try to claim the unexpectedly vacated throne.

It was decades later that the Mongolian army returned to Eastern Europe to continue where they left off. By then, Europe had made preparations. The Kingdom of Hungary awaited the Mongolians with dozens of newly erected, strategically placed fortifications, against which the invading nomadic army could do nothing. The Mongolian army was forced to retreat and had to give up on Genghis Khan's dreams of taking Europe by force.

There are those among the Real Illuminati who believe that the Inner Council had a hand in erecting the castles that forced the Mongolian army to turn around, and also in the sudden and peculiarly timed death of Ögedei Khan. The majority of the Real Illuminati consider these nothing more than mere rumors of conspiracy theorists, as no records exist in the Secret Library of the Real Illuminati to substantiate such claims. Or at least none have been leaked by traitors to date.