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Christopher Columbus

posted May 14, 2018, 4:34 PM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated May 14, 2018, 4:34 PM ]
The discovery of America by the famous Spanish expedition in 1492 lives in the minds of people as a fortunate mistake. History books record that Christopher Columbus set out on the seas in order to establish a naval shortcut to India, and discovered America simply because the great continent happened to be in his way. In truth, Columbus knew exactly where he was going all along. He knew, because he was a member of the Real Illuminati.

Records in the Secret Library of the Real Illuminati, left by the Vikings, told Columbus about America and the Vikings' belief that it would be the perfect place to build the most barbaric city in the world. Columbus was of course more interested in the economical resources in the region, which he deemed appealing enough to suggest America as the site for the great city envisioned by the founder of the Real Illuminati, Alexander the Great. The Inner Circle agreed with him, but due to the expenses incurred during the Hundred Years' War and the Wars of the Roses, not to mention their failure to secure funding from the Medici Bank, they were severely out of funds and had no hope to send even a single ship across the Atlantic Ocean.

That is why Columbus devised his plan to trick the King of Spain into funding his so-called expedition to India. The King, eager to fill the treasury with the increased trade income he envisioned, proved easy enough to fool, but the rest of the world had to be fooled as well. No one other than the Real Illuminati could ever know the true purpose of the expedition. Therefore, Columbus had to hide from the crew of the three ships the fact that he knew the exact route, destination, and number of days needed to get there. Through masterful manipulation of the sea charts, he tricked the crew into getting lost until he deemed that they were sufficiently panicked to remember the journey having been a perilous one. Then he led them to shore and took a deep breath of the air of the new world.

As much as the expedition of 1492 is a success story, the Real Illuminati know just how close Columbus came to failure. When he altered the sea charts to make the journey take longer and seem difficult, he did not count on the storms that would further slow them down, and further aggravate his crew. By the time the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria reached America, the crew was on the verge of mutiny, and Columbus himself on the edge of a nervous breakdown. When he finally saw the shore, he sighed and spoke the words `thank Alexander.' One of the crew mates stood right beside him when he said it. Realizing his mistake, Columbus quickly snapped the man's neck and pushed him overboard. Then he had to spend a great deal of money on buying the silence of the sailor who had seen him do so from the crow's nest atop the mast.

The Inner Circle of the Real Illuminati punished Columbus for taking things too far by taking away from him the honor of founding the great metropolis Alexander had envisioned. In fact, the Real Illuminati decided to lay low and indefinitely postpone establishing the potential capital of their future empire, fearing that the Spanish Court might be on to their schemes. In the end they waited exactly three hundred years until they deemed it safe to finally build what we know today as Con City. To this day, many among the Real Illuminati blame Columbus for causing such a long delay to the realization of Alexander's vision. Still, he is held in considerably higher regard than Julius Caesar.