Con City novels:

The world of Con City started with a humble little novel called Con City and grew from there. Below you will find the novels that Con City has to offer so far. Rest assured, there's plenty more where these came from.

Con City. The original. The unimitable. The Alpha. The inception. The Big Bang. However you prefer, this is where it all began. If you are new to the Con City Universe, this is the place to start.

Con City is the tale of an absurd struggle between a vigilante police officer and a psychotic hitman who are trying their best to kill each other. Stuck between them is a programmer student who discovers a conspiracy surrounding online software distribution that threatens world peace. Chaos and corpses fill the streets of Con City as these two larger-than-life figures clash in a series of insane encounters.

Road To Con City is the second installment in the Con City trilogy. It is technically a prequel to Con City and it is a stand-alone tale that requires no knowledge of the original story. Feel free to start with this one if you prefer to read about the events in chronological order.

Road To Con City sees a retired chain-smoker hitman go up against a megalomaniac arms dealer who sends an assortment of  bloodthirsty psychopaths and world class sociopaths on him. Chaos and corpses fill the streets of Con City and its surroundings as our "hero" tries his best to have his broken cigarette lighter repaired, while his nemesis tries to conquer the world with a computer virus that quite literally kills people.

Shadow Of Con City is the concluding piece of the Con City trilogy. It follows the events of Con City and builds upon both it and Road To Con City. It is a stand-alone story that anyone can read with no knowledge of the previous books, but those who have read the first two novels will appreciate their conclusion a little bit better.

Shadow Of Con City finds a desperate army General invading a town of ten thousand people in the company of hundreds of Black Ops soldiers, an unethical scientist, and a trigger happy buffoon who thinks he is the best mercenary in the world. They try their hand at blackmailing the President of the Republic of North America with some weapons of mass destruction, but they fail to plan for the locals. In particular two waitresses, a cook, and the local psychopath.

Bear Of Con City is the fourth installment in the Con City series. It builds on the bang that ended Shadow Of Con City and takes the series in a new direction, while remaining true to the genuine flavor of Con City.

Bear Of Con City tells the tale of Manny the Bear, who lives in a cave south of Greenwell with the nice people in white coats and plays a game called `find the honey.' A pity Manny only ever finds in the secret pockets inside his playmates' bellies or behind their faces is raspberry pudding. When the White Coats vanish and he is forced to leave his home, he begins to hope that he might just find the honey. If only the scores of annoying people in black coats and their peashooters didn't try to slow him down.
Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City is a travelogue written by freelance journalist Jonathan Parker of Totally Authentic News fame. A standalone, diverse introduction to the world of Con City, for those who prefer the tale of every tourist's worst nightmare in handheld format rather than a web page. Includes bonus content in the form of the most controversial news articles you'll ever find.

Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City follows a group of tourists who come to Con City for vacation to sample the excitement of the most dangerous plot of land in the known universe. They find much more than they bargained for as they fall from one perilous situation into the next, while an inept tour guide and an obsessively objective journalist witness their suffering adventures.

Fantasy novels:

The Rider of the Black Horse series, or in short the Rider Saga, is the single most popular dark fantasy series among the people of Con City. You, too, can enjoy their favorite piece of pulp fantasy literature. Currently spanning five novels and three short stories, the series entertains with epic fight scenes, memorable antiheroes, and an experimental style heavily influenced by metal music, computer games, pro wrestling, and some other sources you might not expect.

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Rider of the Black Horse is a 5-part dark fantasy epic set in a chaotic world. A tale of demons and dark magic spanning three continents and several mystical Planes of Existence, featuring a host of antiheroes including a half-demon chasing a futile dream, an elf huntress embracing her monstrous side, a foul-mouthed black magician obsessed with understanding magic, a crazy warrior who loves his swords big and his golems bigger, and a vengeful dragon queen intent on starting the biggest war in history. Their inevitable confrontations with each other as well as with other forces lead to a chain of events which threaten to unleash destruction on an unparalleled scale. Can their big swords, colossal egos, and mighty spells prevent the coming doom, or will the unfolding epic battles culminate in the end of all things? Read this 5-part epic to find out!

Preludes to a Nightmare is a collection of three short stories. A hunter of wolves finds more than he bargains for when he encounters an enemy from a distant, dark world. An ambitious wizard navigates the treacherous waters of the Mage Guild of Ashkel as his friends try to get his help in starting a violent revolution. A vengeance-driven warrior is on the trail of an elusive killer, determined to find and eviscerate the man at any cost. All this in preparation for the epic tale that is Rider of the Black Horse. Best of all? It's absolutely FREE!
Emptiness is the first novel in the Rider of the Black Horse series. A wizard apprentice is forced to abandon his profession when he finds out that he harbors the essence of  a powerful demon that he cannot control. His quest for inner peace proves to be a futile dream as he and his mentor are thrust into a budding conflict between the ruling powers of the world.

Dark fantasy through and through, Emptiness brings you a moving story, a twisted world, epic fights, and an antihero protagonist who leaves piles of corpses in his wake.
Monsters is the second novel in the Rider of the Black Horse series. An elf huntress finds herself in a struggle between the memories of the life she used to lead and the thrills of the life she is forced into. She grows to embrace her newfound monstrous side and becomes a pivotal part in a half-demon's plot to end the machinations of his former mentor, along with said mentor's life.

Monsters takes up the story where Emptiness left off, bringing you even more epic fight scenes and numerous memorable moments, including a heavy metal concert in an orc village. No, seriously.
Twilightfall is the third novel in the Rider of the Black Horse series. A foul-mouthed black magician with a penchant for getting himself and others into trouble with no regard for his own or anybody else's well being acquires a legendary magical relic and begins playing a chess game with the lives of thousands of people in the name of good fun.

Twilightfall takes the antics of a certain obnoxious wizard to even more extreme heights than Monsters did. And as the title suggests, he and his companion play a key part in the historical event that the series has been counting down to.
Brothers is the fourth novel in the Rider of the Black Horse series. A warrior-mage who favors big swords and likes to create gigantic golems finds himself in a changed world overrun by monsters. He and his best friend, a certain annoying black magician, walk different paths to a common goal: figuring out what Twilightfall really did to their world and how they can survive it.

Brothers takes the story in a particularly dark direction as the nature of Twilightfall is gradually revealed throughout the novel. It features a trio of epic fights at its climax that will leave you yearning for more.
Destiny is the fifth novel in the Rider of the Black Horse series, concluding the pentalogy. A vengeful dragon queen, who not so long ago sought to start the biggest war in history, becomes the only hope of the world that Twilightfall has seemingly brought to the brink of annihilation. She begins her quest in the company of a most unlikely ally, knowing that trust issues will plague their journey from start to finish. Yet she has no clue just how much she will hate every minute of it.

Destiny ends the story with a bang, setting the antiheroes of the series on a collision course with a foe they can hardly hope to overcome. The longest novel in the series to date.