The world of Con City started with a humble little novel called Con City and grew from there. Below you will find the novels that Con City has to offer so far. Rest assured, there's plenty more where these came from.

Con City. The original. The unimitable. The Alpha. The inception. The Big Bang. However you prefer, this is where it all began. If you are new to the Con City Universe, this is the place to start.

Con City is the tale of an absurd struggle between a vigilante police officer and a psychotic hitman who are trying their best to kill each other. Stuck between them is a programmer student who discovers a conspiracy surrounding online software distribution that threatens world peace. Chaos and corpses fill the streets of Con City as these two larger-than-life figures clash in a series of insane encounters.

Road To Con City is the second installment in the Con City trilogy. It is technically a prequel to Con City and it is a stand-alone tale that requires no knowledge of the original story. Feel free to start with this one if you prefer to read about the events in chronological order.

Road To Con City sees a retired chain-smoker hitman go up against a megalomaniac arms dealer who sends an assortment of  bloodthirsty psychopaths and world class sociopaths on him. Chaos and corpses fill the streets of Con City and its surroundings as our "hero" tries his best to have his broken cigarette lighter repaired, while his nemesis tries to conquer the world with a computer virus that quite literally kills people.

Shadow Of Con City is the concluding piece of the Con City trilogy. It follows the events of Con City and builds upon both it and Road To Con City. It is a stand-alone story that anyone can read with no knowledge of the previous books, but those who have read the first two novels will appreciate their conclusion a little bit better.

Shadow Of Con City finds a desperate army General invading a town of ten thousand people in the company of hundreds of Black Ops soldiers, an unethical scientist, and a trigger happy buffoon who thinks he is the best mercenary in the world. They try their hand at blackmailing the President of the Republic of North America with some weapons of mass destruction, but they fail to plan for the locals. In particular two waitresses, a cook, and the local psychopath.

Bear Of Con City is the fourth installment in the Con City series. It builds on the bang that ended Shadow Of Con City and takes the series in a new direction, while remaining true to the genuine flavor of Con City.

Bear Of Con City tells the tale of Manny the Bear, who lives in a cave south of Greenwell with the nice people in white coats and plays a game called `find the honey.' A pity all Manny ever finds in the secret pockets inside his playmates' bellies or behind their faces is raspberry pudding. When the White Coats vanish and he is forced to leave his home, he begins to hope that he might just find the honey. If only the scores of annoying people in black coats and their peashooters didn't try to slow him down.

Monkey Of Con City
Monkey Of Con City is the fifth installment in the Con City series. Probably the most ridiculous volume in the series thus far. Featuring the most dangerous animals in the world: birds!

Monkey Of Con City tells the tale of how misunderstood genius Professor van der Bishop tries to train a monkey to write Hamlet 2. No, seriously. It's very scientific, makes complete sense, and it only costs one hundred million dollars to complete the research project. If only the Professor could convince someone to pay the bills, be it the most controversial film producer from Con County, one hundred and sixty-eight cats, the self-proclaimed God of Cinema, or a film critic who may or may not be a psychopathic hitman. All this in a picturesque town in the English countryside, where nothing remotely violent ever happens. Until now.

Maniacs Of Con City
Maniacs Of Con City is the sixth installment in the Con City series. A mix between cyberpunk and techno thriller, it breaks new ground in the madness of Con City.

Maniacs of Con City tells the tale of a young woman who finds out that there is an implant in her head which hosts an artificial intelligence. When the AI comes online in the middle of a violent attack, it takes over her body and goes on a homicidal rampage the likes of which belong in horror movies. Can she find a way to tame the bloodthirsty artificial maniac? Can the local train enthusiast vigilante who beats up fare-dodgers help her in any way? Can the scientist who made the AI fix the digital psychopath? And can the police do anything about the ensuing violence in the middle of the most violent mayoral election season in history?

Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City is a travelogue written by freelance journalist Jonathan Parker of Totally Authentic News fame. A standalone, diverse introduction to the world of Con City, for those who prefer the tale of every tourist's worst nightmare in handheld format rather than a web page. Includes bonus content in the form of the most controversial news articles you'll ever find.

Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City follows a group of tourists who come to Con City for vacation to sample the excitement of the most dangerous plot of land in the known universe. They find much more than they bargained for as they fall from one perilous situation into the next, while an inept tour guide and an obsessively objective journalist witness their suffering adventures.