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posted Aug 7, 2017, 10:30 AM by Viktor Zólyomi   [ updated Aug 7, 2017, 10:30 AM ]
Of all the wacky superheroes that the Marvel Universe has given us over the years, Deadpool is easily one of the most unique. Brash and violent, batshit crazy, constantly tearing down the fourth wall with a jackhammer, the merc with a mouth has been entertaining us with his antiheroic, and sometimes outright villainous antics, since 1991. Before he became the final word in anti-superheroism, he used to be a mercenary called Wade Wilson (if his recollections of his origins are to be believed), and even in those days he spewed one liners like an 80s action movie star. Then he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he signed up for a secret program that gave him immense regenerative powers and thus saved his life; it also made him fuck ugly and drove him incurably insane, whether any of the voices in his head admit that or not.

Deadpool is a similarly dark and tragic character as the Punisher, but far crazier and much more humorous. While the dark humor in the Punisher stories usually involves over the top ways in which he dispatches criminals, Deadpool brings in humor in just about every form you can think of, from pop culture references to fourth wall breaking jokes to gruesome body humor involving mangling, maiming, or outright killing Deadpool himself before his regenerative powers bring him back to dish out more ass kicking, recite more one liners, and eat more chimichangas. He has run across the Punisher on a number of occasions, most notably in the two-part crossover comic in which the mob puts out a hit on the Punisher and Deadpool tries to cash in only for things to go colossally wrong.

Over the years he was featured in several video games, including his very own game by High Moon Studios in 2013, and in 2016 he at long last got his own movie, courtesy of the efforts of the great Ryan Reynolds (who is probably secretly Deadpool in disguise). And then there's the time he faced Dracula. No, seriously.

With such a violent and darkly humorous resume, Deadpool is a natural source of inspiration for the world of Con City. As batshit insane as Con City is, it's probably fair to say that the king of batshit insanity is the merc with a mouth, and the likes of Gabe London, the best/stupidest mercenary of Con City, owe a great deal to the king. All hail Deadpool, and may he grace us with more twisted humor for decades to come.